Public Blogging - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is DownloadingMyMind (DMM) based?

Canberra, Australia; New Delhi, India

What does DMM Offer?

DMM offers a compact platform to blog your day-to-day thoughts and activities. You can record them under any of ten categories covering around 95% of daily existence of a person. These include an 'other' category for subjects not covered in the other nine.

How is blogging on DMM any different from blogging on the mainstream social media such as Facebook?

The most significant difference is that you blog within certain categories. The posts thus acquire a particular meaning, not just any thought without any context. For example, you want to express something that made you happy. If you Blog under Happiness, you will always be able to go back to it by looking up that category. You do not have to search all your posts to find what you want; you will instinctively know where to look.

After considerable research, DMM has identified Ten Categories of activities, which constitute around 95% of a human being’s day. These are;

  • Ageing
  • Relationships
  • Friends
  • Heart & Mind
  • Health
  • Sports & Hobbies
  • Professional Life
  • IMeMyself & Reflections
  • Travels
  • Global Humanity
  • Other

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of where time might go in your day to day existence. But these nine categories do sum up, in general for average Earthian’s daily existence. It constitutes the Author’s own memoir. It is your book available in the Library of Minds to all DMM subscribers. Free.

What do I do if no Category fits the subject I want to write about?

In the first instance, we recommend that you use the ‘Other’. However, you can also write to and we will determine the possibility of adding another category within the limits of the site’s parameters.

What are the Benefits of blogging on the DMM Platform?

One, your DMM blogs remain permanently and can be easily recalled.

Your blogs on the mainstream social media platforms have a minimal life span. They disappear into ether after a day or two. Even you, the Author, forgets what you wrote about what or when.

  • But your DMM blogs remains forever. You can recall them easily because they are filed into categories. The DMM platform brings order to the chaos that is so evident on other mainstream social media postings.

Two, your conversations with readers of your post remain permanently, and can be recovered easily.

Your posts on the mainstream social platform may result in conversations with your readers. The good, the bad or the ugly exchanges may occur. The sum of all those thoughts are in print, but it is likely that the mental effort expended will be forgotten within days.
DMM blogging provides a different scenario:

  • Your Post and interaction with your readers will remain a permanent record. Everyone can recover it in their respective Accounts.

Three, you can share your post and any comments on it with whoever you wish with one click on the E- mail icon.

There are icons on the page of your post to direct it to emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Yu can thus draw attention to your activity or thoughts which you want to share with the wider world.

Four, your Blogs will become your Autobiography.

Take a minute to consider this proposition. You will be blogging your thoughts and activities in specific categories such as Happiness, Relationships, Travels, Professional Life, etc. As your blogs accumulate in time, their sum total will automatically constitute your Autobiography.
You do not have to write your memoirs which may or may or not be read, let alone go through the hassle of publishing Your Story. DMM provides you a free platform to write your life and thinkings as and when you want.
A grandchild, a friend or a stranger could look up your blogs to know what you experienced, what you thought, or what lessons you learnt in your Life’s Journey.
Your blogs will not just disappear; they will be your Legacy available to one and all on one platform forever.

What happens after I blog a post?

REPEAT: The objective of the DMM blogging structure is that:

  • Your writings should not disappear into ether. They must remain available on one identifiable platform and be readily accessible;
  • Discussions on your post with friends, family, etc. should also be available so that your writing becomes meaningful for anyone who wants to know about your Life’s Journey.

Here is how it works:

  • You write a post. If anyone comments on it, you will receive a  notification. You may then choose to respond or not. However, the comment will remain on record. Others readers can add their observations at any time..
  • You, the Author of a Blog, can also be contacted directly from your Blog Page. You may or may not respond, but if any conversation takes place, it will be a private one to one conversation. You may decide to communicate with the reader directly outside the DMM site.
  • The central point is that whatever you wrote, whatever discussions took place remain on the DMM platform – free of charge – and can be accessed by you or your friends and family at anyone.
  • Your Legacy of your mind remains. Forever.

How do I upload a document to attach to my blog?

After you have submitted a blog, your post shows a clip image (along with edit etc.)  Click it to attach your file, image or text.  In fact anything that can be digitized.  However, there is a 2Mb limit on the size of the attachment.

What is DMM’s policy on the content of blogs?

DMM will not allow the publication of any material considered objectionable or inappropriate as defined and determined by its Administrators of Blogging Content. We will not enter into any correspondence on this issue with authors or readers. The decision of DMM’s Administrators of Blogging Content will be final. Accounts of repeat offenders will be closed without notice.

If I close my DMM Account, what happens to the content of my public blogs?

You have two weeks from the day of the closure of your account to download the contents of your Private Vaults and empty them. If you require more time, you can mail us at In all cases, the Vault and its contents will be deleted three months from the date of closure of your Account.
Your public blogs will not be deleted. They will remain ad infinitum as your ‘book’ in the Library of Minds.

What is the cost of signing up with DMM?

None. You can commence blogging immediately after you sign up.